Forbes reports that as many as nine out of 10 American small businesses currently use some form of social media to inspire growth in their experiences. Further, it's one of the easiest ways for companies to attempt to expand their brand, thanks to a low cost, low barrier to entry and ease of use. For owners trying to develop such a strategy, following these tips might be highly beneficial.

Targeted efforts
Experts recommend that when building a social media presence, companies develop a targeted plan for their efforts to see the best return on their results. This means a few specific things – first, it's vital for companies to look into their audience demographic and appeal to those consumers' specific needs. That means that crafty and DIY-heavy users will likely use a network like Pinterest, while Facebook users may be more interested in general business news. These platform focuses can also expand out to help businesses determine the best way to reach these users, for example through video, visual or written posts.

Specific sites foster more growth
While having a large social media presence on multiple networks can be a good idea depending on your industry, some efforts will be more successful than others. For example, Facebook will likely outperform Twitter in sales terms – one company says a 30 percent improvement in marketing efforts on Facebook compared to Twitter, Instagram and other sites. There are a few reasons for this – Facebook interaction isn't as personal and one-on-one, for example, and it offers better advertising options to meet a larger user​ base.

Images replace print
Any efforts that a business puts toward print ads would be better spent creating social media image ads, according to Business Review Weekly. Having a timely response is key in the business world, especially with the speed that social media can have, and many businesses can benefit from branding opportunities to improve their relationships and build better opportunities with others. By doing so, distribution funds can be refocused into improving social media efforts, giving a stronger budget to the platform that will almost definitely have a better end result than simple advertising might.

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