Businesses that want to expand their customer networks may consider new avenues of driving customer interest. One of the best ways they can draw more interested customers toward their wares can be through social media, as it provides easier in-roads to better reach a local market. When doing so, there are a few specific approaches that will see notable growth.

Study the market
According to the Chicago Defender, the primary way to set up small business social media is to define and identify a target market. Businesses can learn more about the demographics that will likely be interested in their products by looking at larger competitors' pages, and by doing so they can develop better strategies to appeal to shoppers' specific needs.

Offer exclusives
If a business is able to advertise improvements on social media pages that won't be normally accessible by others, that's another advantage that can be gained in the long-term market. Companies should try adding a free coupon or giveaway to their sites for customers who follow them. Between advertising the advantage in-store and a likely boost in word of mouth, operators will be able to see better success.

Time your posts
Too many businesses think that bombarding their customers with social media posts is acceptable in the larger market. This is a bad idea. Customers will stop following a company if it packs their home pages full of fluff. It's better to time posts out to only two or three per day. This way, you'll be less intrusive to your audience and able to ensure each post gets the right outreach.

Use tools
Business News Daily added that there are a few programs and applications that can be added to the average business approach, and many of them will bring heavy levels of improvement. One Facebook app called Soldsie allows businesses to advertise products using only photos. With Soldsie, a customer can comment "sold," which will cause an email invoice to be sent to them. Another app, called inSelly, is perfect for Instagram. It aggregates Instagram hashtags on a profile, allowing users to directly connect with searching consumers. If they're interested, they can contact the seller through PayPal.

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