In the world of small business, social media can provide a simpler and more accessible outlet for any leader to better connect with their audience. It's important to look at the entire market for tips on how to improve the technology's accessibility, and there are a number of tools that can do just that.

Facebook metrics pay dividends
According to Entrepreneur, a few specific metrics on Facebook itself can help businesses improve their connectivity. Facebook's PTAT score, which stands for "people talking about this," measures word-of-mouth marketing. It tracks how many users come to your page and how many click on posted links or interesting updates. The number updates almost daily, giving users a good sense of how successful different posts are at connecting with an audience.

Another important Facebook tool is called EdgeRank, which looks at the impact of a specific post showing up on users' feeds. The "edge" in EdgeRank represents every possible action a user can have on Facebook, from updates to shares, and counts the level of sharing and time spent among the average user in regards to the brand. The more interaction, the better is the name of the game here.

Staying updated is the premier goal
The Digital Journal adds that above all else, the social media marketplace requires users to be as up-to-date as possible. Followers need to know a business is focused and engaged with keeping them informed and happy. As a result, this doesn't mean anyone should spend hours keeping track of the latest trends, but they should work to keep a page as updated throughout a day and week as possible.

This is especially important in small businesses, as followers and shoppers will want confirmation that you're a real person with similar experiences. Any special events or holidays that are popular among a user​ base should be popular with a business as well. This shouldn't be a chore, either. Fun posts about a special date or even a sale can lead to peak engagement. The 80/20 rule applies here – 80 percent of posts can be fun, while the remaining 20 percent requires news about special events or sales for peak engagement.

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