For years, businesses have struggled to find the best strategies involved in developing social media marketing approaches. Tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram photos are only a few of the areas in which owners and operators have had difficulties developing the right approach. However, recently released advice has shown a number of potential improvements in quality.

Ideal lengths for posts
According to Buffer, one of the main concerns in the market is that different websites require different approaches. Length is one key factor, as some services work better with short posts, and others have longer needs.

Twitter allows posts up to 140 total characters, but without knowing best practices, some businesses pack their posts full of information while others keep their feeds as short as possible. The news source reported that the middle is the true sweet spot. Tweets with lengths of around 100 characters or shorter see 17 percent more engagement from readers. Those posts shouldn't be shorter than 70 characters, however, as interaction rates drop once they pass that point.

In contrast, while Facebook offers longer posts, the ideal length for content on this site is much shorter. Posts on Facebook longer than 40 characters receive 86 percent higher engagement rates than others. If a post needs to run longer, don't let it pass 80 characters, as posts under that benchmark still see 66 percent higher engagement.

For those using Google+, the sweet spot falls between the ideal lengths for Facebook and Twitter. Posts above 60 characters see their headlines turned into two-line posts, which is damaging to readability.

Other strategies
The Guardian added that there are more potential strategies in the market. One small business owner uses Facebook groups to help advertise her wares. This allows her to directly connect with potential customers and show them more information about her products.

Others have found that looking at their customers' and clients' demographic information, including age, gender and interests, can also be helpful. This gave them a better idea of what their customers might expect from a given situation, allowing them to target their efforts in a stronger fashion. Users may want new levels of video communication, which opens up avenues of advertising. 

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