Though some may not realize it, technology is one of the most important aspects that keeps small businesses ticking. Recent surveys of these operations' leaders found that having the right functions in place can represent the difference between success and problems in their business.

Tech huge for vacations
According to a recent ADT survey of business owners, having the right technological functions installed and operational in the average company is vital, especially in the context of vacation. Many more small business leaders are finding it's increasingly possible to actually take a break – 86 percent of them plan on going away in the next six months – but without some pieces of equipment they feel unable to succeed.

More than half of the surveyed bosses said they'd never travel without their phones, all so they can check in on their businesses while away. Another 44 percent said they get some form of update from their businesses every day, while more than 20 percent felt nervous about anything happening while they were relaxing or felt guilty about not supervising.

While it's definitely a good thing that more business owners are comfortable going on vacation, it's also important for them to relax properly, and doing so many require even more equipment adoption. Having security equipment or better tracking software for sales may help business leaders feel fully confident that things will be fine while they're gone.

Many work to improve websites
Fox Small Business added that website and Internet presence development may be another good way for businesses to beef up their approaches. While 73 percent of small business owners agree that word-of-mouth is the most important way for them to engage with their customers, a survey cited by the news source said, only 21 percent believe social media and websites are effective in doing so. A full third of small businesses lack websites, while less than half have photos and videos. 

More importantly, only 28 percent of these businesses use reviews or social media to boost their resources, and less than half have Facebook or LinkedIn pages. Getting technologically up-to-date can be easier than expected, but it's necessary to do so when it comes to ensuring production quality.

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