There are a number of new technologies that small businesses can take advantage of in their daily practices, but many leaders aren't aware of the various improvements they'll hold even in the most basic situations.

High-tech opportunities
Business 2 Community reports that a number of these options have high-quality benefits in their adoption. For example, with the increasing prevalence of the cloud, new technology is allowing developers to share their information immediately, as they can send information back and forth from any Internet-connected computer. This helps to improve workflow, accuracy and communication in the practice.

For stores that have direct sales, inventory management can also be taken over by new technology. Having an inventory system will likely build more than just counts of specific products, as it can often contain information about clients, events and promotions as well.

As nearly half of all households will own tablet computers by the end of the year and more than half of all U.S. adults now use smartphones, bring-your-own-device policies are likely to rapidly expand in use. Not only do they allow users easier and faster access to company information, but they can do so in their own time and in the most convenient ways available. 

Some business improvements take no investment. The news source notes that there are a few free ways businesses can start accepting electronic payments from users, which can vary from tablet applications to online payment websites.

Allows for scalability
Tech Crunch adds that many businesses can use technology to better contend with their larger competitors in a variety of markets. Some examples noted include new payment options and payroll opportunities like ZenPayroll or Square. These programs or services can offer high-level features and technology for a relatively tiny price, allowing for interested business owners to find new methods of improvement on a budget.

What's more impressive is that these platforms aren't focused on a service but simply the people who need to use them. For instance, ZenPayroll is developed with an emphasis on equal opportunity in the office, giving both employees and employers new chances to discuss compensation and even donate some of their funds to nonprofit organizations.

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