Going mobile and international no longer takes a million-dollar effort and a vast company expansion. In the modern globalized age, it's possible for almost any company to greatly expand its potential market base simply by adopting new infrastructure technology to improve its overseas appeal.

Simple changes for overseas appeal
With simple software additions, some companies can overhaul the ways they do business, which leads to improvements to audience appeal abroad in the process, according to The New York Times, One company that adopted a piece of software allowing it better organization skills saw savings of more than $20,000 per year with an initial $5,000 investment, with the long-term result of increasing sales worldwide.

Only about 5.3 percent of small businesses sell to overseas customers, the news source found. Main issues in the export process include little information about market preferences and the extensive barriers that overall cost and time involved represent.

But many companies are finding they can now change their tunes. Some experienced success in working with off-the-shelf technology, helping them boost their overseas sales. The business that implemented the organization software was able to better connect foreign customers with tour guides who excelled in their languages. Others have worked to translate the texts of their apps into new languages, generally spending less than $100 per app to find success.

Mobile has a direct effect
Mobile technology is the key difference-maker in this situation, The Huffington Post reported. With sales of tablets and smartphones taking a global lead over competitors, more and more companies can truly benefit from a new shopping direction.

The volume of transactions being made on mobile devices alone represents high growth. From 2012 to 2017, mobile transactions will more than triple, rising from $163 billion to $721 billion, the news source said. As can be expected, market interest and application development and delivery are growing as such.

Mobile content is an especially smart investment, because it can be used to raise awareness of a business, leverage location-based services to appeal to specific markets at any one point, or harness the variety of actions generated through simple device usage. As such, small businesses be able to tap into the more than 20 percent of payment transactions now taking place on mobile devices.

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