As far as mobile technology has come in a few short years, it might seem impossible for it to develop further and yield even more gains for small businesses. But in reality, not only do mobile devices have an infinitely high ceiling, they have more to offer companies even in their current incarnations. Small businesses should invest more in mobile solutions and new research backs that assertion.

Mobile equipment boosts productivity
The Mobile Productivity Survey for 2014 from Azzurri compiled the thoughts of IT and telecom leaders at 188 firms across industries, according to Ninety-three percent of respondents indicated their companies enjoyed a boost in production due to employees' use of mobile technology out of the office, while 47 percent said that increase was significant.

Even more tellingly, 71 percent of those surveyed said that their businesses could gain even more from the use of mobile technology than they already have. While most companies use mobile technology for file sharing, CRM and other data, the report showed that 2015's focus will be on communications – enhancing video conferencing and workflow administration.

"Smartphones and tablets have transformed mobile devices from being for consumption to being used for creation and editing – and so are changing the way we all work," Rufus Grig, CTO at Azzurri Communications, said in the survey. "The form factor shift towards devices with larger screens is enabling more meaningful work to be performed. Mobile productivity suites allowing proper editing of documents have made this a reality."

UK companies support more mobility
In a report from Source of Consulting, companies in the UK expressed the belief that more focus on mobile technology will enhance their productivity, according to The study found that only 7 percent of finance staff has access to customer and supplier data via mobile devices, while 9 percent can view performance data.

"We believe the impact of mobile technologies on the back office is only set to increase, with the current application of these technologies by HR, Finance and IT only scratching the surface of what is possible," Simon Fowler, managing director at Advanced Business Solutions, said in the report.

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