When discussing the benefits a small business might see through the adoption of the latest in mobile technology, most conversations center on customer satisfaction and employees' ability to do their jobs more effectively. While these aspects are certainly important, they are not the only values a company will enjoy if it implements a mobile strategy.

Mobile technology acts as an effective recruitment tool
For the first time ever, most Internet access is taking place on mobile devices, according to Network World. The adoption rate of mobile technology is only getting faster and hopeful hires use devices to communicate with potential employers.

"Remember how quickly Internet adoption took hold in the 1990s? Mobile technology adoption is on pace to far exceed those adoption rates," Dan Finnigan, CEO of career networking and recruiting site Jobvite, told Network World. "The majority of Internet usage is initiated via mobile for the first time ever. Mobile is a major sea change for all Internet behavior; any business that has an Internet component has to consider the impact of mobile and recruiting is no different."

Additionally, mobile-friendly sites like LinkedIn and Indeed help job-seekers carry out searches, make connections and reach out to companies via their smart phones and tablets. The trend is streamlining the job-search process and giving more candidates the leverage to find the right employer. On the other side, companies are able to find the best possible candidate faster and easier.

Leverage mobile to find the perfect fit
Mobile technology has capabilities that a standard email or phone call cannot get across to recruits, according to Forbes. As a vehicle for videos, surveys, training manuals and other necessary on-boarding items, mobile platforms are peerless. They are convenient and effective – plus, they can paint your company in a young and in-touch light. Millenials love their devices, so providing company materials in a mobile setting will help employers connect to the younger generation.

As Forbes pointed out, 70 percent of job-seekers use their device to carry out a search, 81 percent of employees use their devices for work and 23 percent of keyword searches that contain the word "job" come from mobile devices. Small businesses would be wise to play into this trend in order to find the right man or woman for the job.

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