When businesses are looking for a new feature that can improve their standards and expectations of a specific market, turning to VoIP and unified communications can be an effective strategy. The new technology offers a number of benefits, which can range from improved service to thousands of dollars saved per year.

Adoption rising quickly
According to Baseline Magazine, these features are being increasingly noted by a number of companies, which is spurring new levels of adoption. As many as 40 percent of all businesses are currently using elements of unified communications, or otherwise streamlining their general communications needs into one service. VoIP services are the most popular for this need, as they provide a number of new features like voice and video chatting to the average phone network. Another 84 percent of businesses are at least considering the prospects of deploying these means in the next three years.

Of these businesses adopting the new technology, many have found improvements in their daily practices. Up to 82 percent are now comfortable taking part in video-based calls, a major feature found in VoIP adoption, and more than three out of five noted that they believe video provides better communication standards.

VoIP also stands to improve freedom of workers. Businesses with unified communications found that 20 percent more of their employees can work from home, which is indicative of the ease VoIP provides owners and workers alike in contacting who they need to.

Quality gaining
Many skeptics of VoIP, however, are concerned about the call quality of their services. As the sound is being processed over the Internet instead of direct broadband, they may be worried that dropped calls and tinny voices will be the results of adopting the technology.

The Business Journals said that issue is not pressing. Increased Internet speeds in the past few years have allowed VoIP call quality to spike in a number of ways. Unless a business has limited bandwidth or a cap on how much data they can use per month, call quality will remain just as high, if not higher, than in other applications.

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