The benefits of modern technology are well-documented and wide-ranging. New platforms emerge regularly that are more efficient, better connected and easier to use than the previous ones. Because of the growing ubiquity of mobile technology, small businesses are able to reach clients across the world and connect their own employees from anywhere.

Small companies should take advantage of the expanding Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) market to consolidate their workforce, reach customers and save money in the process.

VoIP market expected to grow
In a recent report, Research and Markets found the global mobile Unified Communications and Collaborations market will expand from $5.15 billion in 2014 to $17.38 billion in 2019. VoIP is a significant player in that trend, as it provides the real-time, efficient communication and collaboration enterprises are actively seeking.

The market's growth is good news for businesses – the more companies that use VoIP, the easier it will be to communicate through those channels.

Distant employees collaborate through VoIP
Internet calling doesn't only benefit business-to-client interaction – it is very helpful for companies whose employees work in far-flung locations, according to TMCNet. In fact, now it is possible for a small business to consist of employees from opposite ends of the country who conduct work with a VoIP platform.

Consider small, mobile- or Internet-based businesses, like an app developer. There is little need for physical infrastructure, because the product is digital. A single office – even just a laptop – might be sufficient to do business. These companies might employ only a handful of workers. With the help of VoIP, these startups can negate the overhead required of maintaining a large office and, even better, allow collaboration between employees over long distance.

It isn't just tiny startups that benefit from the mobile technology, though. Any business can offer greater flexibility to its employees by allowing virtual meetings and work-from-home options. And because VoIP platforms can exist virtually anywhere, even through smart phones, employees will have the ability to reach clients even when they are out of the office.

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