In the modern economic climate, businesses need to take as many opportunities as they can find to improve revenue, helping them keep up with larger competitors. Both conference calling and VoIP technology are vital tools that can help leaders find alternatives to their current practices.

Audio, video offer new features
According to the Wall Street Journal, audio conferencing is growing heavily in the current market, with teleconferencing and video technology following closely behind. All of these features can easily be had with the addition of VoIP technology.

Audio conferencing, in particular, has become a habit in some situations. Not only is this technology easy to use and convenient, but nearly every company will have telephones and conferencing networks that can be refitted for Internet connectivity. The ease of use and open availability are likely the reason why audio conferences represent 65 percent of all conferencing.

Video adoption can have even more improvement, however, and its quality is rising almost as fast as the technology expands. A younger workforce entering the market will be more comfortable using the service, as workers will have had plenty of experience using digital devices. Video can even make people pay better attention, feel more engaged and end meetings faster, with the extra source of video creating a more efficient situation.

Better adoption strategies
With 155 million global VoIP subscribers around the world, it's clear the VoIP market is booming, according to Resource Nation. When looking into the market, however, users need to take a number of specifications into consideration.

While analog lines can only support one voice call at a time, several conversations can be held on one broadband connection. A firsthand strategy to better adopt this use is to make sure Internet connectivity is adequately spread throughout an office.

VoIP also provides a heavy pricing advantage, which can help users make sure they don't pay more than they should for their services. The technology's digital nature means that it can even be integrated with other services. Any extra features can be rolled into VoIP, providing even more savings in the process.

Most important is to ensure a specific service is compatible with current technology. Landlines and mobile devices are currently adaptable, but double-checking should be a key approach.

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