By now, businesses have likely heard plenty of information and news about cloud-based technology. However, even when they don't want to adopt the technology throughout their companies, the benefits of the cloud can provide plenty of advantages, specifically when using VoIP services to improve telephone connectivity.

Five notable improvements
According to Voxilla, VoIP offers five specific improvements for the average business. The first is price, as depending on the service adopted, phone bills can be slashed by large percentages in time. The money saved could immediately be put toward better uses, helping to improve overall business efficiency in the long term. VoIP is also fairly simple to use, as it has can be turned on as easily as pushing a button. A single click of a mouse will start or end a call. The system's cloud-based setup also allows for it to be maintained in a simple fashion, as the software often updates itself automatically.

That's only the start when it comes to VoIP's various features. A number of normally phone-specific improvements can also be found, including voicemail access and call forwarding that are much easier to harness in a mobile format. The setup often means less expensive hardware as well, often for free either through adoption or by hooking up new pieces of equipment to old software. With VoIP's status as a tech-related piece of technology in consideration as well, it's easy to expect it to only grow further in stature.

Alternatives easy to find
Many businesses may only know of a few services, most likely Skype, in the larger VoIP market. Cloud Tweaks reported that there are several additional business services users can adopt. These include Grasshopper, which includes web access and toll-free numbers, as well as Google Voice and Google Hangouts, which offer a number of different services that can replace most features of other VoIP providers.

Two more prominent VoIP companies are also notable in the at-large market scene. These include ooVoo, which offers the ability to make calls directly from a web browser to other PCs, and Tango, which is an app that can be used on mobile phones as well as PCs for additional service needs and improvements.

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