The general business benefits of VoIP systems cannot be overstated, as they can provide companies with a variety of different features and improvements in their phone systems. However, as the market continues to grow, newfound growth is inherent in their use.

According to a recent press release, research firm TechNavio forecasts that the market for global unified communication, which includes a large portion of the VoIP market, is likely to grow at a compound adjusted rate of 15.85 percent from 2012 to 2016, with one of the largest inherent features being an increased shift from on-premises networks to cloud-based communication efforts. As companies try to make their processes more efficient, they are quickly shifting large portions of their networking and processing out of the office and into the cloud. VoIP systems directly allow for these improvements, making the shift can have inherent improvements.

However, the study found that initial high costs can stymie the growth of this aspect of the market. To overcome this, business leaders should shop around to find their best options, after which they can comfortably and reliably make an educated move. 

Video conferencing recruiting said to be excellent
One particular feature of VoIP that can drastically improve things for the average business, reducing costs and improving efficiency, is through video interviewing and recruiting, according to HC Online. The news source found that a full 97 percent of job candidates felt organizations that used video interviewing in their average practices were more innovative and forward-thinking than their competitors may be, which can help when businesses are trying to attract prime candidates.

While video conferencing disallows for some aspects of non-verbal communication, having a proper video chat with correctly-aimed cameras can create a useful and definitive process. However, the news source stressed that such video conferencing doesn't replace physical presence in many situations. It can easily be used as a tool, however, to perhaps work through a first round of candidates. Employers who want to meet candidates in the flesh can then meet with the cream of the crop personally.

VoIP can also be used for easing the stress and challenges of employee training. The only real concerns that the source found were the potential for technology to miscommunicate or fail and that businesses should confirm that their information is secure.

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