For years, the current market has positioned VoIP services as a leap in quality over current standards. That will only continue to be the case in the near future, as recently released information points toward newfound improvement in adoption of such programs.

Market growth notably positive
According to Channel Partners Online, the latest figures that track the growth of unified communications – otherwise known as services that place a variety of features, like voice, video and text chat – see them rising by a striking amount in the near future. Recent growth in the enterprise segment was up 27 percent in the first quarter of 2014 over the same period in 2013.

Cloud computing is playing a huge role in driving the strength of VoIP services, as the technology allows providers to offer better availability, features, security and mobility, just as the tip of the iceberg. The overall market is valued at an estimated $22.8 billion, as of 2011. That figure is expected to nearly triple by 2018 to an estimated sum of $61.9 billion, with a compound adjusted growth rate of as much as 16 percent in the meantime. Considering that there are 34 million VoIP subscribers in the current market, those figures may even be on the low end of the trend.

Making sure you're protected
That alone makes the VoIP market a very attractive target for almost any user. However, businesses looking to make the leap will need to consider a few separate factors before deciding if they are for or against the market, Network Computing reported. One of the biggest is whether a company's infrastructure is ready for the setup. The degree of change involved is one thing, while new technology and installments may make the switch even more difficult.

It's also necessary to see if current infrastructure is ready to support future expectations. Many companies can install new USB headsets, while others may need new IP installations. The former is much less expensive than the latter. Some locations may even need to update their legacy means for current Ethernet-based endpoints, which can represent an expensive proposition if undertaken in the wrong way. Operators should protect themselves against overly expensive upgrades when making switches.

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