VoIP has added many improvements to modern life ever since its initial inception. Both business and private life have benefited from its leaps and bounds in technological quality. New reports found that its improvements can extend far beyond easier communication, as well.

Money saver
State Tech Magazine reported that one county in Minnesota has been able to drastically reduce the money it needs to spend on transportation costs after adopting VoIP. With three buildings, each separated by about 27 miles, people have had issues in the past with getting to locations on time. That issue has been completely done away with, as workers are now able to participate in meetings from separate locations, even from home.

This is especially pertinent when considering how difficult the county used to find the process of coordinating meeting rooms for a total audience of more than 100 people. Instead, with simple VoIP services, workers don't need to leave their desks to get the full experience. The region's selected VoIP provider can conduct PowerPoint presentations with live audio, video, screen-sharing and question-and-answer sections at the same.

As such, the popularity of these services is skyrocketing. About 27 percent of IT managers told the news source that VoIP systems will be one of their biggest investments in the next year.

Roaming fees a thing of the past
The Toronto Star found that another major business concern can also become history for small businesses. Using a VoIP service can allow remote or traveling employees to connect with their coworkers or clients for local rates, even when they're traveling across the country or even internationally.

It's becoming an increasingly common occurrence for businesses that see employees traveling frequently to adopt VoIP services. Whether these employees run the programs in question through their cell phones via an app or through their computers, the benefits remain the same. VoIP also chops down the cost of long-distance calls. Some even provide means of allowing special numbers free service over VoIP.

More savvy workers can possibly reduce their call costs by only making voice chats on Wi-Fi. Whenever they connect to a Wi-Fi service, they can gain access to emails and make calls essentially for free.

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