Technology has the capability to completely transform what an office can accomplish. The age of the Internet has opened the doors for businesses of all sizes, industries and locations to connect with clients around the world.

While having a wide range of business connections provides many advantages for a company, the logistics of making those relationships work can present a challenge. That's why improved communication technologies like video conferencing are essential for any office to remain competitive in the modern market.

Video conferencing improves business connections
One of the most obvious ways that video conferencing can improve business relations is through the convenience it offers. There's no need to coordinate hectic travel schedules to gather essential personnel from multiple locations to come together in one place. People are free to stay where they are and call in to connect to any meeting, anywhere.

According to Mashable, another perk of wiring an office for video conferencing is cost reduction. Connecting people from different locations is not only easier than arranging travel, it's cheaper than organizing transportation, potential hotels and other costs associated with a business trip. Despite the costs for setting up a video conferencing program, in the long run companies can expect to save money. 

Because of the ease and low costs of running a video conference, businesses can maintain better relationships with remote workers and distant clients. The technology allows for more frequent interactions and improves the personal connection between a company and its clients. 

According to the Telegraph, video conferencing can also help businesses make better hiring decisions. While phone calls are an easy way to save time and to perform multiple early interviews, hiring managers can get a better sense of a candidate's interpersonal skills by seeing them. Companies can also interview remote candidates more easily without having to fly a potential new hire in, and the applicant doesn't need to worry about spending the time or money to travel for a job she may not get. 

Equipping a workplace with video conference technology allows employees and clients to connect with the office from anywhere.Equipping a workplace with video conference technology allows employees and clients to connect with the office from anywhere.

Benefits of face-to-face communication
While video conferencing still lacks certain qualities of traditional face-to-face communication, it does offer so much more than can be gathered over the phone. Being able to see the people on the other end of the call reduces communication errors. Everyone can clearly see who is speaking and when. Important files and documents can be shared so that everyone is literally on the same page during a presentation.

As the Business Communication points out, seeing a person while speaking to him makes it easier to make personal connections and understand context. Video conferencing helps people read body language which can better reflect tone. It also prevents distraction, as people who are aware they can be seen will make more of an effort to be attentive. 

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