Small businesses have many expenses that large corporations can afford not to fret about. Fees and repeating charges add up and, over the course of a year, can take a serious bite out of a small company's operation costs. For some, successful business is won and lost in how managers and owners avoid unnecessary expenditures.

One such financial burden is the time and money spent on mailers. The USPS estimates businesses can save as much as 20 percent just though accurate package weighing. There is also the productivity lost to stuffing envelopes, licking stamps and obtaining the proper postage and measurements. However, by investing in equipment for the office mailroom, small businesses can reduce these overhead costs, according to Entrepreneur Magazine.

Postage meters
Many electronic postage meters can sort, barcode and stamp envelopes, meaning less tedious work for employees and faster processing by the post office, according to Entrepreneur. Some of the high end meters have rapid, automated features, all the better for mailroom efficiency. The prepared envelopes often skip lines at the post office – the USPS says such mail gets processed as much as 24 hours faster than mail that lacks sorting or barcodes.

Through the use of a digital scale, small businesses can get accurate readings of outgoing package weight, thereby reducing the risk of overpaying for postage. Some machines can also offer the rates of different suppliers like UPS or FedEx. There are various scales that accommodate different weights, so companies can find a specific device that fits its needs.

Automatic letter-folders
For companies that send out brochures, letters and other promotional material, folding the mailer can take hours – even days – of employee time. It is tedious work that most people prefer not to do. The implementation of a letter-folding machine will relieve workers of this task, save time and guarantee a nice crease. Some of the best equipment can handle thousands of sheets per hour and several options for the type of fold. Counters can also tell the operator how many sheets have been folded and be set to produce certain yields.

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