Out of all types of office technology, Microsoft Office is without a doubt one of the most important. The software is always improving, and two of its latest updates stand to expand its overall usefulness.

Office on the iPad
According to The New York Times, Microsoft Office is soon to make its long-awaited debut on the iPad, Apple's king of the tablets. The application is a breath of fresh air for iPad users who have, until now, had to rely on third-party versions of word processing software, as they'll be able to achieve better connectivity with their fellow users on personal computers, laptops and Microsoft-approved tablets.

Some small business leaders noted that because of specific iPad-centric practices, Microsoft Word has been largely outdated, but having an all-in-one service point will help companies greatly in improving their approaches. 

However, there's a catch to the Office expansion. For users who only want to use their iPads to read and scroll through documents, its adoption will be free. Otherwise, users will have to pay an annual subscription fee of $100 to actively write and develop projects using the service.

It's hoped that the switch to Office changes things for the industry, as PC shipments fell 10 percent in 2013 and consumer revenue fell 24 percent for Office users in that time.

Adding new functionalities
At the same time, Microsoft will also be adding a number of new features to the Office platform, ZDNet reported. In building what it calls the "Office Graph," the company plans to analyze content and user interactions, mapping relationships to find the most relevant content for users.

This is just one of the many advances expected for the service. Another, code​ named "Oslo," presents Office content in a number of formats. This content can range from information like users in a particular meeting all the way to discovering specific documents that were successfully shared with users.

Yet another feature, called Groups, will make it easier for company users to join forces and better develop their own strategies by working together. It automatically pulls together a group chat, a calendar, a document library and an inbox where members can work as teams.

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