As businesses everywhere continue to see more and more of an on-the-go aspect of business, where no matter their location they find that they may need to print or develop something from a mobile device, office technology is working to meet these needs more seamlessly than ever.

According to the Australian Financial Review, one example of this growth in technology comes from the latest Epson printer models, which can print documents from mobile devices, including phones, no matter how far away from the physical machine a user may be.

Using a program called Google Cloud Print, which is becoming more intertwined with modern technology than ever before, a user can simply press a button and have their current image or document recreated immediately. This will be especially prevalent in further helping to reduce use of the fax machine, as documents featured as images can now be more reliably recreated.

This program doesn't even require users to ground the printer to a personal computer, as it has a direct Wi-Fi network that can string it directly through a home or office network. Users can also print from PCs or personal devices, as anything from USB drives to memory sticks can be directly connected through the service.

Printing apps become more widespread
Printers aren't the only aspect of printing technology becoming more accessible. According to Health and Medicine Week, Canon and Amazon have recently joined forces to ensure that every Kindle Fire the latter sells can directly connect to Canon printers using a print plugin app. This means that anything that needs to be printed at one time can see easy integration throughout their daily lives, especially finding it easier to print to their offices. Emails and calendar events, not to mention photos, are aspects of the development market that the news source directly connects to.

Five different models of Canon printers are available for the technology, which is not just limited to Kindle Fire. Its inclusion on the Amazon App Store means such an app can be readily downloaded by almost any device, whether it runs iOS or Android.

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