While office technology has undergone a series of changes in the past few decades, a small number of them have had as much of an effect as what mobile devices have provided. As offices and workers alike adopt more technology, its uses are transforming the modern work location, and the effects may soon continue.

Mobile tech adds to communication
A recent Gallup poll reported that mobile technology has vastly increased the amount of work that people do outside of the office. Workers between the ages of 18 and 49 saw a large leap in these numbers, specifically, with members of this demographic saying they do about 37 percent more work outside of normal office hours thanks to the additional functionality it provides. An overall roundup of the industry found that up to 68 percent of all workers saw the amount of work they did on their own time grow because of the additional functionality as well.

This will likely lead to future shifts in the market that go further. One expectation is that technology used in the office itself will shift. Hard-wired personal computers will likely lose some popularity, at best used as tethers for mobile laptops or tablets that will contain more relevant and updated information. It's also transforming the traditional work day, as many people around the country will work from home offices or while on the go more often. Many offices will likely shrink as a result.

 Wearable technology the next frontier
Forbes added that at January's Consumer Electronics Show, wearable technology was widely seen as the most likely change to be seen in the overall market. Wearable devices will range in design and adoption, as the possibilities range from eyewear like Google Glass to smartwatches like the Samsung Gear. No matter what is purchased, however, these devices will be seen in a number of businesses.

The changes aren't meant to be large. Many users will control the new technology to improve their efficiency and functionality regarding certain business practices, such as checking email while on their commutes or while out of the office. There may also be improvements when it comes to communication between workers, who can send instant pictures and updates regarding work even faster than with current technology.

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