Much has been said about the power of the 3-D printer, but normal printers will likely remain the technology of choice for many offices in the coming years. To better meet the current needs of the average office, new printers are increasingly being released with new and better features.

New Epson can print at high velocity
According to Packaging Europe, Epson is one company launching and improving a new style of printer. The GP-C831 model has been designed to offer fast printing speeds of as much as 16 pages per minutes.

What's more, the printer offers much heavier printing capabilities than normal models might. It can provide label feeding to reduce jamming and can print barcodes that will remain bold and easy to read. One key feature of the printer is that it uses Epson's pigment ink, which binds to media fibers to offer better protection against ultraviolet light, chemicals, smudging or fading. It's also highly flexible and can be used with many materials including matte, gloss and synthetic.

Additional models offer new features
The Chicago Tribune adds that in the past 10 years printer technology has vastly improved in many different aspects, each model offering a different point of emphasis. These vary from new HP Officejet printers that offer a 50 percent reduction on printing costs to new Canon models with newfound picture printing abilities.

There are a number of other models on the market, each featuring its own specialties. Samsung's ML-2165 model can print 21 pages per minute and offers impressive wireless capabilities, while the Canon PIXMA allows users to harness the power of the cloud to print from almost anywhere, even scanning images from social media sites. An included app for the PIXMA allows for printing no matter how far away a user is, thanks to the cloud. It even has an auto on/off function, which means print requests can be filled even when the printer itself isn't in use.

Businesses looking for new printers have a number of different options on the market, and almost all of them can be successfully applied in different situations. It's up to the specific business owners to determine what features are best for their uses, however.

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