The best technology to outfit a modern office is always changing, with new advances hitting the market and changing outlooks almost nonstop. Looking at recent pieces of tech and even some newfound approaches to the office environment can heavily improve any efforts and find success.

According to Fox News, changing up the office environment can be as easy as installing a simple sensor. The CubeSensor is designed to improve worker health, comfort and productivity alike, doing so by constantly measuring the current air, light, temperature and humidity in a cubicle. With a simple shake, the cube can give workers information about how their environment is working for them. With a blue glow, they're in the right environment; if it glows red, it will push advice for improving the current location to an iPhone app.

Another new technological advance is called the iStick multifunction desktop organizer, which can help play an important role in removing typical desktop clutter. The small device has a frame that should be placed over a computer keyboard, after which it can be loaded up with a variety of different pieces of office clutter to keep it all organized and in one place. It can even charge USB devices, meaning any worries about phone battery life will be things of the past.

New printers offer more
New printers that have Energy Star certifications are drastic improvements upon older versions, conserving more power and ink alike. The news source adds that new models feature even more benefits, including touch​ screen navigation, printing wirelessly and scanning as well.

Other improvements can come from retrofitting equipment to better serve an office climate increasingly turning toward telecommuting, according to the Tallahassee Democrat. With fewer employees necessarily being in the office every day, conserving resources and power can be simple with no real drawbacks. Motion-sensing lights, for example, can cut down power bills by cents, even dollars, every day. Investing in mobile technology can also have improved productivity, as workers will be more active when they're able to work from any location. Fewer drawbacks will be seen in ease of use and IT costs as well.

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