Since the rise of the computer, printing technology has been one of the most consistent mainstays of the average office building, and new technologies arise almost constantly to improve workers' efficiency and effectiveness on the job. New printers continually hit the market with even more new features to help out their users.

Printable ink
According to The Register, one way that printing may become easier is through the use of re-usable paper or waterjet printers. A recent study published by Nature Communications reported on has found that by using a water-sensitive dye on a piece of paper, letters could be printed on its surface with water instead of expensive printer ink. While the printer can only use about one color at a time in this light, it's believed that this would allow pieces of paper to be erased and re-printed without losing any color quality.

While this wouldn't be a permanent solution to printing in many cases, as the water's print is expected to fade away less than 24 hours after water evaporates, the potential savings are more than enough to get many interested in the technology. Only cartridges would need to be replaced, not ink, and papers could be reused a number of times – up to more than a dozen.

Physical printing on the rise too
Of course, paper is no longer the only printing process found in the average office. New 3-D printing has allowed for the creation of plenty of different products in recent years, and Slashgear reports that there's a new model perfect for office adoption.

Makerbot's new Replicator Mini model hits store shelves in the spring, and it's optimized for use in small spaces, namely the office. The new Replicator Mini will cost about $1375 and has a volume of mere inches, and while that may seem small, it can produce larger products.

These models in an office environment can be very beneficial, especially in hands-on fields like engineering or construction where leaders want to see the effectiveness of a piece's design before it's adopted in a larger and more expensive situation. As a whole, the technology can provide newfound levels of improvement and quality into the average office's needs.

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