In recent years, office technology's effects on the average workplace have made leaps and bounds. It's expected that this shift will only advance further in the near future, with plenty of new breakthroughs changing the market as a whole.

According to The Economist, one of the primary changes in the modern office may soon come from computers that have the ability to work alongside, or even take over the responsibilities, of the average office worker. This doesn't just mean the advances made by technology approaches like big data, but many robots are becoming able to "learn" complicated tasks.

What's more, many services are expected to have a transformation in the near future. Computers can already replace the average security official, as they can detect intruders on a security camera before a human may, while other technology has found that computers can even diagnose fraud in financial information or illness in biometric data just as successfully as an auditor or doctor would. These major demographic shifts will likely soon lead to workers being alongside their computers, working in tandem to reach newfound success.

"Smart" glass could change offices
Another expansion of technology in the office setting comes from news source Fast Coexist, which reports that a Silicon Valley company named View has reportedly raised $100 million to expand its "dynamic glass" technology. Much like sunglasses that change tint when exposed to light, this product would consist of an electrochromic coating contained between two layers of glass. From the inside, the glass looks normal, but from the outside, four different levels of tint can be applied based on user preferences, sunlight levels, or manual controls on a control panel or app.

Not only is View's technology expected to make worker reactions to levels of sunlight more reasonable, but it's expected to shave 20 percent off the average company's lighting, heating, ventilation and cooling costs in a normal calendar year. Having already installed 50 separate projects in North America, the company also projects that it will lower construction costs for building owners, make shades in the workplace a thing of the past, and help businesses improve both worker and guest moods depending on the lighting and time of day.

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