It's a widely accepted notion that the modern office environment is ripe for change. Technological advances have been made time and again that have helped many companies improve the long-term effectiveness of their procedures and practices. Recent studies have predicted even more changes will take shape in the next few years.

Office trends changing over time
According to Host Review, a recent survey found that several typical aspects of modern offices will go by the wayside. About 70 percent of more than 7,000 professionals believe that tape recorders and fax machines will soon go extinct in most modern offices, while more than half also see the Rolodex and the average nine-to-five workday disappearing.

These changes will likely be caused by a few separate factors. The rise of the smartphone will take care of recorders and Rolodexes, while digital technology will get rid of the typical fax machine and will push most workers away from needing to work an average workday.

These were not the only technologies that the survey revealed could vanish. About 35 percent of the interviewed professionals believe that desktop phones will no longer be used by the year 2017, likely replaced by the ubiquitous nature of cell phones. Another 34 percent believed that desktop computers would also disappear, although it is less likely. It is possible that laptops and tablets could revolutionize offices in a bring-your-own-device setting.

Office parks being retrofitted
The Boston Globe reported that modern office parks are also undergoing a variety of changes and improvements, as the workers they used to attract now gravitate to cities and the companies operating out of them face new challenges like aging infrastructure. As a result, the average office park isn't just going to be a place for workers anymore.

According to the news source, office parks are increasingly being made into hotspots with attractions that can draw in workers. Many are seeing brand new investments into their infrastructure, with some buildings being turned into apartments. Many business professionals hope  those moves together will be able to draw better classes of employees. 

These efforts point to a modern office environment that's only expected to change itself further.

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