As offices around the world continually try to keep up with competitors and improve their technological approaches to business, their layouts and resources are changing and expanding accordingly. Changes have been said to be everything from major to minor, but stand to revolutionize the average office for good.

Offices changing completely
According to Business News Daily, one of the biggest office technology changes has come from a major cultural shift. Thanks to mobile technology and social media, employees have opportunities to work from new locations almost daily. With staff less chained to their desks than in the past, the desktop computer is on the outs, replaced by mobile devices like smartphones and tablets that can cover the same ground from completely different locations.

This is expected to lead a sea change from modern processes. For instance, email is expected to have changed completely, with mailing services becoming more streamlined than ever. In the near future, new enterprise platforms are expected to allow for easier and higher-quality connectivity, with software needing to deliver new levels of innovation.

New layouts coming
The news source added that the corporate world is increasingly expanding to a more open environment for a number of reasons. As an increasing number of today's workers have been exposed to technology for nearly their whole lives, they're used to multitasking, which makes collaboration possibilities more inviting. Executives can sometimes struggle with open and closed spaces, but open ones can provide private areas for meetings and open ones for teamwork all the same.

New message encryption
Windows IT Pro added that the changes coming to the office environment aren't limited to large, building-wide design considerations. Some will be centered from small developments, in one case concerning a piece of software developing new levels of message encryption. Now that Microsoft Office 365 has released its own capabilities for message encryption, this will help small businesses reach new levels of protection than ever before. In the long term, they will be able to keep their information secure and lead to better trust from customers, who can be sure that their important information won't be exposed.

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