Of the trends throughout the office workspace, some come and go while others are long-lasting. The growth of flexible workplaces is one such example of the latter, and its widespread improvement is inspiring new innovations in office technology.

Improves production
According to The Tennessean​, designing offices in regards to giving employees more freedom and choices in flexibility is a growing trend in almost all offices, not just because it helps boost worker satisfaction but it has a positive effect on employers as well. Information cited by the news source found that flexibility engages employees more, and those employees often have 37 percent less absenteeism, 28 percent higher gross margins and nearly 20 percent higher productivity.

One specific design factor is wholeheartedly improving the way offices are designed, the news source added. Offices are becoming more open as they offer new and better technology. Some companies have devoted rooms for phone calls, headache relief and brainstorming sessions, as one example. Others add technology that improves worker comfort, such as task lamps that can be dimmed or brightened or underfloor air systems that can appeal to specific worker desires.

Flexibility only expanding further
Business Cloud News added that as flexibility grows, more workers are taking advantage of the feature. In the United Kingdom, almost 14 percent of the current workforce works from home, which means it may be time for businesses to upgrade infrastructure and technology on the service side as well. Many businesses are now adopting programs like VoIP that can allow their employees to take company-centric calls from anywhere, while others are upgrading software and firmware so that their employees can perform all of their necessary tasks from home.

Remote desktops are one key way that this focus continues to grow. Adopting one of these networks requires a slight retrofitting of what is currently available, with only a few software updates and changes really necessary to see improved growth. Other companies have worked to upgrade their security standards, with new firewalls and protocols protecting them from any slip​-ups caused by employees' computers and networks. No matter how, companies should focus on these approaches, as doing so can lead to great dividends.

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