Office printers have been vital for almost every business since the widespread adoption of the computer, but some small business leaders who haven't updated their technology in the past few years may not know about recent improvements that have been made to the equipment.

Better connectivity
According to CIO Magazine, the last few years have seen printer technology become increasingly compatible with mobile technology. Hewlett-Packard has taken things one step further with its latest models. The company plans to add NFC, or near-field communication, and Wi-Fi capabilities to its color LaserJet printers. This will allow mobile devices to connect directly to printers without needing to be on an office network.

Not only will this reduce what's necessary to connect a mobile device to a printer, but it's also expected to prevent a rogue smartphone or tablet from corrupting a network. These devices can be security problems in multiple formats, with their unlocked nature and differing security requirements making it easier to access a network and wreak havoc once inside.

What's more, these new printers are expected to render more pages per minute than before, as many as 45 pages per minute. They can also chop down the price of each page printed, costing only a penny per grayscale page and 7 cents for a color page.

Easy to conserve
These mobile improvements can help offices become more efficient, but they aren't the only way businesses can save on printing costs. The Roanoke Times added that there are a number of improvements that can be found with simple preparation, especially as printer ink can cost as much as $75 per ounce.

For instance, there are a number of ink refill kits on the market that can be purchased at prices starting around $10. While this can be messy, it's a good purchase for business leaders willing to take risks.

Just as easy is conserving ink simply by making slight adjustments. For instance, ink that has been left idle too long can dry up quickly. Simply printing a single page each week can help prevent this if the printer is used infrequently. 

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