The standards of the office have changed as technology has advanced. Computers brought on the end of the typewriter. Those big, bulky desktops found themselves gradually slimmed down and phased out with the advent of laptops. Tablets are now making desk space even easier to find. But new technologies in the near future are expected to build things up even further than the current market may expect.

Essential hotspots in the office
According to a recent survey by Intel Security, one of the biggest trends in the marketplace will soon be found in the growth of mobility. In the future, it will become crucial for businesses to work around customer service needs in an environment where workers can perform their duties from anywhere. In effect, this will make offices not a thing of the past, but in need of immediate change. It's likely that investments in immediate technology will drop and use of employee-owned devices will grow accordingly, which will have a side effect of minimizing necessary office space.

The survey even goes on to mention what it calls an "office revolution," where offices install secondary locations separate from central offices. These would be easier for employees to get to and give them more opportunities for collaboration. More than 60 percent of workers believe they become more creative and have better work output when they join coworking spaces.

Internet of Things weighs on market
Another corner of growth expected in the near future has been a popular point of emphasis in recent technological news. A report from IT networking company Spiceworks found that up to 86 percent of IT professionals believe the Internet of Things, which refers to the rapidly growing trend of almost every conceivable device having the ability to connect to the Internet, will likely create new trends and worries alike in the current market.

The Internet of Things – a wide variety of wearable devices, electronic peripherals and building sensors to name a few – is developed with the intent of information collection. It's also changing the ways companies will conduct themselves. They will be able to more readily track employees and customers alike, but they may need to update their office areas to ensure connectivity is at its highest.

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