Office technology has undergone a wide variety of changes in the past, but two recent developments in the average office aim to add new elements to average production means. It's expected that in the near future, these additions will help workers become more organized and connect more during important presentations.

Reduction of clutter
Entrepreneur reported that one key aspect of technology in the modern age, only becoming more important in the context of spring cleaning, is that it's appealing more toward users' cleanliness. Today's office models are aimed toward creating a more cooperative environment with shared desks and open designs. This allows for easier communication and teamwork, but also means each worker needs to make the most of limited desk space. 

The best redesign elements in companies' approaches have been said to meet the balance between "we" and "me." This means, in other words, that a business hopes to find the midway point between overall cohesiveness and individual needs. Some are bridging the divide between personal desktops and company-issued tablets, for one. Others may purchase a desk frame powered by USB that can support a keyboard, a phone and other important tools.

Another change that's been seen recently is addressing growth when a company isn't changing its location – in other words, rethinking existing spaces. This means desk chairs can now be used as personal and meeting chairs, for example. One major development of this trend is the removal of on-premises storage like desk cabinets in favor of digital options like the cloud.

New PowerPoint offers new frontiers
Other office tech approaches involve new software that can improve the average business presentation. It was noted by eWeek that one way this can be met is by the introduction of interactive PowerPoint technology.

Office Mix, the latest Microsoft release, is an add-on for the slideshow-creating program that adds new sharing features. These range from quizzing formats, which can be used to gain feedback on different concepts in the presentation process, to video recording and pen input, so some officials can directly comment or even make notes on the presentation itself. This will only further help the recent emphasis on teamwork and communication in the workforce.

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