While developments in lighting, networking and technology have helped the modern office reach its current heights, there are further changes continually happening throughout the market that are leading to new developments in office functionality. One of the most prominent is the growth of "smart" technology, which is rapidly becoming a common feature in many businesses.

Helps offices conserve energy
According to The Financial Times, businesses in the U.K. are increasingly focusing on using smart technology to improve their uses of electricity and other resources. Energy applications and appliances are increasingly monitoring and modeling the effectiveness of different ways to save energy in the business design process, and smart energy meters are being adopted more than ever to improve practices in modern offices.

One such change is coming from new light sources. LED lighting is a common installation, as it can help businesses cut down an estimated 40 percent of buildings' overall electricity use. LED lights can pay for themselves as soon as two years after adoption, and some locations have seen energy consumption drop by 75 percent. One company experienced annual savings of £4,500 (nearly $8,000).

"Smart offices"
Tech Crunch added that another growing source of improving office technology may come from a new startup called Robin. The company, which recently celebrated a successful round of venture funding, uses iBeacon and Bluetooth low-energy devices to detect people and things in a room. This means when workers enter an office outfitted with Robin technology, the office itself will register their visit, reserve a meeting time for them and update any screens and devices for their specific needs.

Initially, the technology used RFID wristbands that tracked users with digital accounts, but the possibilities of Bluetooth LE allowed them to add new dimensions to their approach. Once the company's app is installed on iOS or Android phones, Robin can automatically monitor them. Settings on the app may soon be able to custom-activate additional products like Chromecast, smart thermostats, lighting and more. 

Robin is currently in about 20 office buildings, and expects to expand to just under 100 in the near future. A few years from now, it may have thousands of customers.

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