For decades, offices have been defined by two unmistakable traits. Almost any location will have its employees sitting at desks with plenty of papers passed between them. The latest office technology changes may make this common vision a thing of the past, however.

Standing is the new sitting
MLive reported that the most recent NeoCon, a design exhibition that revolves around new improvements in office furniture, saw a big design shift in tables that switch from sitting to standing. This is because recent research has started to shy away from the traditional sedentary lifestyle of most offices. Studies have found those who sit for more than six hours a day are 40 percent more likely to die earlier than those who are sitting for less than three hours.

As a result, companies are pushing sit-and-stand technology away from high-cost offices in Silicon Valley and Wall Street and toward the average business by dropping the price of furniture and other features needed to make the switch.

New height-adjustable tables now sell for as little as $500, with different models manually or electronically rising and lowering on their own. While these models may not pull away from the popularity of the traditional desk, their gradual adoption may help improve the health of many employees.

Documents going digital
A more common trend in the recent path has been the reduction of physical paperwork in the average office. The mountains of physical clutter that can cause information overload are soon to be things of the past, replaced by software tools that offer scanning, organizing, searching and editing of digital files in real-time with no constraints, according to Business News Daily.

Having a paperless office won't just improve time management and similar issues in the average location. It's expected to help the environment as well, cutting down paper consumption by a large amount. That reduction will also lead to a new level of cost savings, as companies will also be able to keep hundreds, if not thousands, every year.

Improved efficiency is another likely result of such an investment, as every employee will have instant access to the data they need. This will help users retrieve their documents instantly whenever necessary.

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