Mobile technology's recent and accelerating gains in popularity, proficiency and interconnectedness have clear ramifications for businesses everywhere. Companies that leverage these platforms will find they have better access to data, clients and other businesses around the world. But the companies themselves are not the only ones that will benefit from a focus on cutting edge office tech.

The employees have perhaps an even greater change coming their way. The growing supply of gadgets means workers will have more flexibility, better connections and increased efficiency. But it isn't always a self-explanatory process. Companies must be sure to develop a comprehensive strategy when it comes to mobile technology to give their employees the best possible chance to succeed.

Harder to keep work at work
Mobile devices give employees more options when it comes to when and where they work. According to a study from the Pew Research Center, 46 percent of workers feel more productive using online and digital tools, while 39 percent say those platforms offer them greater flexibilityHattiesburg American reported. However, 35 percent of those polled said they are working more hours due to those technologies.

"The once rigid boundary between 'work' and 'home' has changed to something that is highly permeable," Lee Rainie, Pew's director of Internet, science and technology research, said in the study. "People do lots of work at home and they do some home-related things at work – like shop, browse the Web, watch March Madness on their mobile devices in their cubicles."

This development means companies should be aware of how, where and when their employees work best, and allow for a personalized schedule.

Digital tools fuel collaboration
It isn't just smart phones and tablets that are helping small businesses gain productivity. Tools like the Microsoft Surface Hub can spur collaboration in the office and allow video meetings with ease, according to Business 2 Community. This tool is a smart whiteboard that can display videos, support live webcams, allow easy edits with a pen tool and more. These platforms make office meetings simpler and more streamlined.

Rather than trying to integrate several laptops, tablets, monitors and Internet phones, an entire meeting can center on the Surface Hub, allowing for a quality experience and uninterrupted collaboration.

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