The kind of technology your office uses in its day-to-day operations makes a statement about who you are as a company, whether you like it or not. Be sure to let your equipment speak highly about what matters most.

We care about our customers
Implementing the right telecommunications network keeps the conversation between customers and employees open at all times. After all, how else will your faithful client base sing your praises without open phone lines or an uncluttered computer-based comment section?

But in the wake of the Big Data generation, interfacing with customers can do more than just bolster your ego. Expertly calibrated data analytics processors have the potential to glean valuable information from every interaction and transaction. In return, a customer will maintain a more personal relationship with your organization. 

"Outdated equipment will stifle a young workforce."

Even further, what if the relationship between your clients is more than just a financial transaction? Police departments, health care providers and even K-12 schools have been stepping up and integrating new kinds of predictive analytics technology to help make decisions that affect more than just the "bottom line." The possibilities for what new investments in office equipment can provide for those your company serves is restricted only by the bounds of your imagination.

Additionally, advancements in unified communication technology will help businesses by consolidating the media through which they communicate. The compatible machinery is still emerging as businesses look for ways to combine telephonic services, video conferencing and electronic document sharing into one viable enterprise that can not only incorporate outdated office tech like fax machines, but leave room for whatever is just over the horizon.

We care about our employees
Take a quick inventory of the technology you see in your immediate workspace. Outdated equipment will stifle a young workforce. That's the beauty of the bring-your-own-device craze sweeping industries in the last few years. Millennials want to use the latest and greatest devices and businesses want to take advantage of these tools without covering the overhead.

But according to a study by the McKinsey Global Institute, millennials interact with technology in a much different way neurologically than their predecessors. No longer is workplace technology considered a tool through which business is conducted, but rather an extension of the worker employing it. As such, the research found that this generation remains the most elusive.

Keeping top-of-the-line office equipment well within your employees' reach also encourages them to collaborate effectively and never miss a beat throughout the average workday.

Don't let your tech send the wrong signals.Don't let your tech send the wrong signals.

We care about where our industry is going
In a way, the company that you present to the world at large is also the bar of expectation you set for other like-minded companies.

A recent article in Travel Pulse highlighted Starwood Hotels and Resorts' brand new headquarters in Manhattan, a triumph of minimalism mixed with cutting-edge innovation. Social media blends with design to create a look both professional and utilitarian. Scrolling marquees display what people are writing about the company online in real time. Large "smart mirrors" act as both a beautiful conversation piece and a functional office tool.

"The design of Starlab reflects the increasing effect social connectivity has on global business," said Mike Tiedy, senior vice president of brand design and innovation for Starwood's technological offshoot Starlab. "We merged our high-touch business with high-tech thinking to design the office."

Discovering new dimensions for the technology you bring into your office puts you in charge of the quality of business within your industry.

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