Security is something we largely take for granted. Most of us simply do not expect to be robbed, ransacked or broken into. But for folks who own and operate small businesses, this mentality is far from the norm. These individuals have to be ever vigilant in order to protect their assets from burglars. It's no small order – often, a simple padlock can be picked or pried with relative ease. Even security cameras don't always capture the individual – and if they do, it's entirely possible the criminal eludes justice.

Instead, small business owners and managers should examine the latest technologies and platforms that are available in order to best protect their valuables. A good place to start that search is at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that took place last week.

Comprehensive, integrated systems
Many of the devices at the CES were a part of a larger, overall system that can be implemented at any office. These gadgets leverage Internet connectivity with sleek, unobtrusive design to offer complete building security, reported IFSEC Global.

Honeywell's Lyric security system is a professional-grade automation platform through which an individual can control motion sensors, security cameras, smoke alarms – essentially, any device security connected to the network. Sengled smart lighting offered the Snap, an LED light bulb with a 1080p WiFi-capable security camera. The Snap won the 2015 CES Best of Innovation Award. Then there's the Schlage Sense, a touch-pad smart lock that allows the user to enter a code to gain access.

Security in the future
Building security and Internet security are beginning to intersect as more physical access control systems rely on interconnected devices, according to Security Info Watch. But that doesn't mean these systems are becoming more vulnerable – in fact, the opposite is true. IT security and physical security can build off each other's strengths to create a more robust platform.

Biometric technology is becoming more popular in everything from data centers to mobile phones. This system relies on physical characteristics to allow access to anything from a building to digital information. Video surveillance is also linked in with the Internet, making it easier to users to remotely monitor buildings and reports in-progress crimes to authorities.

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