Many small business leaders have likely made new resolutions for improving themselves and their businesses in 2014, and security measures can play a big role in these means. Whether it means adding or improving cameras and alarms on hand, bolstering their means can be a big boost to improving functionality.

One new advance in camera technology comes from Samsung, according to Engadget. The latest SmartCam from the company works by recording 1080p video directly to an internal SD card. While that prevents it from benefiting from the potential of cloud-based information storage, compression efforts allow the company to only need about 30 percent of the bandwidth other cameras would require, reducing data sizes while still offering owners the ability to remotely watch live video.

Both of these models can be connected using WiFi, can connect to Android or iOS devices using two apps and have low-light video quality, ensuring most situations can be covered. In particular, there are two models of the camera, and the outdoor one can have a range of 50 feet. That outdoor model can also withstand plenty of weather-based damage without risking its power supply or WiFi module, which would remain inside at all times.

Models protect against vandals, water, dust
In addition, according to Nation Multimedia, there are even more potential models that businesses can use, many of which feature special measures and metrics to protect both their longevity and recorded video. Options for Bosch's latest cameras include four separate designs, vandal resistance and enclosures that are both water- and dust-proof. These models also feature options such as vatifocal lenses that can simplify any adjustments of the camera's field of view.

Other features included with these models include dynamic noise reduction, which changes the degree of sound recording used in the recording process based on the current view that the camera finds, and bandwidth adjustment by way of area-based encoding, which allows compression needs to be set in as many as eight different settings. This means areas of a camera's sights deemed less interesting can have less data necessary in their use, meaning more pressing locations take precedence in production.

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