The high-quality, highly detailed video images produced by today’s security cameras produce vast amounts of data on a 24/7 basis. In some ways, this is too much of a good thing, as all this data requires extensive bandwidth and storage capabilities for accurate assessment and monitoring.

The addition of “edge analytics” technology to video surveillance equipment has enabled users to search through massive amounts of data effortlessly and pinpoint the information they seek. With edge analytics, data is processed through an automated analytics algorithm as it is created, at the “edge” of a network system, and only critical data is sent through to a cloud or corporate data storage system for later use or retention.[1]

Edge analytics inside a security camera creates a smart video security system that uses metadata (summary information about the data being captured) to add structure and context to the video data at the point of recording. This approach also enables each separate camera to operate independently so that if one camera fails, the rest of the system can continue with video capture and analysis at full performance.

By processing data analytics “at the edge,” the captured video images are of higher quality. The data that is streamed for retention can include all images or only the metadata, depending on system parameters and security requirements.[2]

Companies can establish a protocol that analyzes all video footage data and then sends only critical images or metadata through the system. With this approach, users can avoid problems with file compression that often deteriorates image quality downstream in the system.[3] This approach also requires less transmission bandwidth and smaller storage capacity either in the cloud or on company servers.

Edge analytics allows users to instantly retrieve specific footage from hours of stored footage. This technological advancement delivers instantaneous intelligence that can be acted upon immediately. It provides greater protection to the user and better quality images for analysis and support in potential legal actions.

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