Security systems can be a great investment in the small business world, but installing a personal system for a specific business has the potential to be especially beneficial. This way, users can enact only as much or as little security as they desire, giving them an opportunity for total customization in the process.

Added measures of basic security
The Verge noted that one company's products are great for businesses that simply want to keep an eye on their potential visitors, and these items are especially useful to monitor high-cost items or an office's back rooms. Anyone who purchases a product from Dropcam can post the equipment at any specific area of their floor plan. Should someone reach that area without permission, the user will get an alert on their phone and a high-definition recording.

The low-security improvements allowed for by the technology are made better when considering the technology's price. For as little as $29, shoppers can buy Tabs, which are small sensors that can be stuck virtually anywhere on business property. If there's a back room that shouldn't be accessed, the Tab will inform operators if someone attempts to get in without authorization.

Another added feature of the Dropcam is that new camera models have computer-vision technology, which helps differentiate between someone at the back door trying to break in, for instance, versus a local animal flying or walking by. This will cut down on false alerts, meaning any true contact made by the system is to ensure safety.

Metrics for self-installation
Of course, many users will want to install their own security systems. has ranked the four most pressing concerns in the market. When shopping, the primary concern should be the product's user-friendliness, as if it's too difficult to harness, it will be hard to implement effectively. The network used by the technology should also be considered. Cellular networks are said to be improvements over other wireless options, which can be easier for criminals to access and hack.

Two other guidelines recommended by the source are the overall cost and the support that the equipment comes with. Most security providers will offer competitive costs, and it's key to find the midway point between expensive and effective. A higher cost is more acceptable if the product comes with quick support no matter the problem.

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