Security cameras have long been a deterrent to crime and a way to keep businesses safe and secure, but there may be changes on the horizon, both from potential market movement and new products being released.

Google may get in the game
Google has been involved in everything technological for the last 15 years, and it may soon make another new move, according to Yahoo. There's a good chance that Dropcam, a burgeoning security camera company that uses Wi-Fi streaming for live footage of a location, will soon be bought by the company. Google's Nest division is expected to pursue DropCam. Any potential purchases would further strengthen Google's home control market.

This comes after Dropcam recently expanded the technological features available in its cameras. Person-detecting software will hit the consumer market in August, along with waterproof tabs that are secure, small and able to be placed in areas where cameras normally couldn't survive. With Google on board, inexpensive camera equipment should be able to be installed in almost any business around the country or globe.

More than monitoring
There are always new features being introduced in the market, and one of the latest camera models has new possibilities that could expand into marketing. ChipChick reported that a new camera model, the Butterfleye, aims to monitor an entire location and not just for security. It has the prerequisite features seen in almost every modern security camera and more.

When the camera sees someone in front of it, it continuously records video using body and face detection. That means that if a business has a promotional event, as one example, the Butterfleye will continuously take pictures and video that owners can later sort through. This can be greatly effective for advertising, as long as all participants are OK with their images being shared. It will also share videos and photos directly from its software, as well as communicate with smart devices, meaning that if a business has an automatic or electronic thermostat, the camera will track if no one is there and turn down the heat.

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