Security equipment is a constant for many small businesses, helping them keep an eye on valuables and deter any major issues that may otherwise arise. But until now, many owners have balked at the equipment if they're located in climates that aren't conducive to its capabilities.

Weatherproof features
LILIN North America has revealed one of the latest advances in security equipment technology. The company's newest IP dome surveillance camera is outdoor-ready and has a built-in heater and cooler that can help it overcome any issues that may arise from weather-related problems. Not only does the equipment have the ability to capture HDTV-quality video of any area necessary, from inside a larger storefront or monitoring an outdoor parking lot, the camera can also protect itself against the elements in a simple manner.

Its weatherproofed features mean it's safe in regards to dust and rain, which qualifies the camera for use in several demanding conditions. Whether caught outside in a snowstorm or heat​ wave, it can survive in temperatures ranging from -40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and has day/night capabilities to protect against pitch-black conditions.

Full-scale monitoring
Twice added that the camera in question also has the ability to pan and watch an area using a 360 degree turning radius. It has features including a three-megapixel sensor that can track an entire region and has the ability to stream video at up to 30 frames per second, but its turning potential is especially notable. The camera itself can follow specific activity depending on what settings are programmed into it and can zoom in when greater detail is required, such as getting a face or license plate number that can then be given to police.

Even if a network goes down, modern camera equipment has a backup that makes sure production continues. An on-board slot for a Micro SD card can make sure that during times of stress or Internet issues, video of a situation will remain available at all times. The equipment even comes with free management software that can make sure buyers can install and operate it without any real issues.

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