After weeks of rumors, Google subsidiary Nest recently acquired one of the best up-and-coming security camera companies in the world. As a result, it’s likely that competition throughout the security market will grow as companies aim to keep up with the industry leaders.

Nest buys Dropcam for $555 million
NBC News reported that the acquisition is perfectly in line with Nest’s current practices. The company currently produces many different products that operate over a single frequency and can be controlled by smartphone, namely thermostats and similar home conditioning equipment. Dropcam is a perfect match with those needs, as the company makes security cameras that can be set up and accessed in minutes, controlled over time by apps or web browsers.

While security management technology has been frustrating and hard to control in the past, this acquisition positions Google’s companies at the forefront of the industry. It’s likely that security standards will grow in the future, with better connectivity between security equipment and mobile technology. This means in the future, businesses will likely be able to control all of their equipment from one single location, whether it’s from a smartphone or computer. In either instance, the means of adjusting the technology are likely to become more user-friendly in the near future.

New features introduced
This move means that shoppers currently in the security market should have a lot to look forward to in the near future. Modern security systems will likely need to invest more in their features to compete with the wide-reaching possibilities of these pieces of technology. Digital Trends found that one specific business is expected to bring its potential to the next level.

Piper, a 180-degree security camera, just updated both its features and prices. With various environmental sensors and simple means to communicate with other devices on home networks, the equipment is now available for just $200 and can be operated for pennies after that.

The company recently put two new features into effect as well. The “bedside mode” now allows users to manually turn on sirens in case of emergency, such as seeing an intruder on a feed. Another new possibility is a Z-Wave Light Dimmer, which means users can control their lighting from the camera’s mobile app as well as the camera itself.

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