While a number of companies know the potential benefits of adopting security equipment, a recent troubling report makes protecting a network more vital than ever. Businesses that do research before making installations, meanwhile, can benefit from new and better advances in their equipment.

Camera insecurity reinforces need for protection
According to Wired, some security cameras have been hacked and used for a completely new purpose. A number of DVRs used to record video from security cameras were recently found to have malware that jumps from device to device, taking over the equipment's processing power to mine Bitcoins, an Internet-centric currency.

The news source said that this isn't the first time hackers have forced their way onto user hardware, but it's a surprisingly damaging approach, as it can eat into a product's power and reduce its capabilities. To better protect against potential damages like these, it's important to consider the Internet of Things – the increasing Internet connectivity of almost any product on the market – and revitalize efforts to protect the network of a business.

These can range from implementing new protective services on a network to simply changing a device's default settings. No matter the approach, however, businesses need to remember best practices in operation.

New camera offers its own tablet
For businesses on a budget, adopting newer technology has come with a number of improvements, namely the ability to watch camera feeds using smartphones and tablets for improved connectivity and security means. However, a new innovation in the market goes one step further, with the potential to help less tech-savvy businesses retain peak security means.

Cult of Mac reported that a new camera from maker Swann comes with a special feature – its own tablet. The camera itself already connects to Wi-Fi and is otherwise Internet-enabled, and the new tablet functionality helps it go further. This monitor is great for any on-premises viewing, and it also works anywhere with an Internet connection. It also comes with its own mobile app, which can be used for extra monitoring services for those who may not want to take the tablet out of the office.

The tablet comes in addition to other features, namely a stand that makes it impossible for would-be criminals to damage the camera's components.

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