Cybersecurity is a major concern for all levels of government, businesses and citizens' daily personal lives. With more personal data and secure, private information being stored online, companies are always looking for ways to ensure that they are meeting the best safety standards.

In an effort to help improve the technology used to secure cyber information systems across the country, new executive orders were signed as part of the Cybersecurity National Action Plan. These new proposals, along with an increased cybersecurity budget, aim to give citizens and businesses better access and information for improving their own security systems as well. 

"Businesses will need to prepare to make updates of their own."

New federal agencies aim to improve security
According to, President Obama signed executive orders on Feb. 9 to create two new government agencies that will work toward improving cybersecurity and businesses' abilities to manage their cyber technology themselves.

The first is the Federal Privacy Council, which will be made up of senior members of the President's Cabinet to help create security plans that will work across all departments. The focus of this group will primarily be on protecting sensitive information housed within the government about U.S. citizens to keep them safe from attempted hacks and data breaches.

The second group will focus on initiatives that more directly impact businesses and individual Americans. The Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity, comprised of up to 12 non-government experts in fields of business and technology, will work to improve cybersecurity within the Internet of Things, protect data systems and educate the public in all sectors on how to better manage their online secure information.

Making necessary equipment upgrades
According to USA Today, the President also proposed a $19 billion cybersecurity budget for 2017.

"If we're going to really secure those in a serious way, then we need to upgrade them," President Obama announced to reporters. "If you've got broken, old systems – computers, mainframes, software that doesn't work anymore – then you can keep on putting a bunch of patches on it, but it's not going to make it safe."

With new upgrades on the way that will improve cybersecurity efforts for people across the country, companies will need to prepare to make updates of their own. New information and resources will become available as these agencies work to improve the security programs that American businesses can access, and those businesses will need to finance these equipment upgrades to take full advantage of all the new advances that may come from these initiatives. 

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