Security cameras have been a mainstay of improving business safety for many years now, but some owners may feel that their options are somewhat limited when it comes to making the right purchase. With new features recently introduced in the market, however, it can be simple and effective to improve surveillance means.

360-degree vision
According to Yahoo, one of the newest developments in security camera technology is the 360Cam from the production company Giroptic. The device, which is getting its first market exposure on Kickstarter, includes three cameras that capture a full 360 degrees of imagery as well as 150 degrees of vertical information.

To really make these features worthwhile, the product also has the ability to stitch all three camera streams into a single panorama that can be viewed on a computer or mobile device. One example given by the news source is that the camera can capture a full panorama of Times Square in New York City.

The 360Cam also comes with image stabilization that remains effective no matter what position the equipment is placed in. It also has GPS and WiFi capabilities, as well as a microSD slot if WiFi tracking isn't possible. One of its best features, however, will help it capture better images than ever – it can be screwed into any lamp for a discreet view of almost any location.

Water and damage resistance
Another feature that's slowly but surely spreading throughout the overall security camera market is the development of waterproof and damage-resistant camera equipment. Various technologies initially developed for car dashboard cameras are now being adapted for everyday use, which means that whether the cameras will be installed in an area that may see some potential harm or there's a chance that a thief could attempt to break them, they'll remain functional and keep recording no matter what.

The waterproof functionality may also serve to remove many concerns that operators have involving adoption. Businesses that experience a large amount of rain no longer need to be concerned about camera placement. It may even inspire new locations for the equipment to be installed, such as hidden in a rooftop storm drain.

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