Security equipment, specifically security cameras, has long been a boon to the average small business. Whether security or tracking was a company's main concern in adding the equipment, newfound peace of mind and ability to watch store floors were big boosts. However, innovations in the security industry continue to lead to newfound improvements in the equipment.

For instance, Eagle Eye Networks recently announced that their equipment combines the best of three worlds. Not only does it operate like traditional equipment does, able to track and record video of a specific viewpoint, but it also has cloud technology inherent in its deployment, so in the event it is damaged or turned off, its data can still be accessed. Even more important is the company's new on-demand deployment capabilities, so video can be viewed any time and by any means.

This means that not only can the data be stored in the cloud, but it can be accessed at any point by its user, both to look up old video and watch a live feed. Instant alerts can be configured to notify users of anything from irregular activity to camera malfunction or system tampering, and these alerts are accessible by email or by text message.

Eagle Eye says its equipment can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It can help with everything from training to improving safety, customer service and store quality, giving more information about customer decisions and perceptions.

Temperature concerns, camera hubs
Tom's Guide adds that new features are often able to be accessed on the market on a variety of cameras. For instance, one recently released product offers temperature sensing technology. Initially designed for baby monitoring, this can be used in a variety of formats, such as for items that need to remain below or above a certain temperature or for simple thermal tracking of any potential wrongdoing.

Other capabilities include a network video recorder that can have up to nine different cameras attached, which removes the need for routing through a PC. Instead, the equipment can transmit data through HDMI or Wi-Fi and support up to four terabytes of internal storage knowledge.

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