Increasingly, businesses are growing aware of how easy it is for unwanted intruders to get into their office. As much as hacking and phishing have become common occurrences, some crooks still rely on old-fashioned burglary – and they're getting bolder. These thieves can pass themselves off as IT personnel or visiting professional partners, only to make off with computers or other valuable equipment.

"Some crooks still rely on old-fashioned burglary – and they're getting bolder."

Recently, thieves infiltrated the offices of an inquiry into a tram project in Edinburgh, Scotland, reported Edinburgh News. The perpetrators may have had access cards that would have allowed them to easily and imperceptibly enter and exit the building. Such access cards are common among offices these days, but they might not offer the necessary protection. All it takes is for one employee to leave his or hers on the bus, or drop it on the sidewalk, for the entire office to be compromised. Fortunately, there are other options business can select in order to protect their assets.

Swedish company takes security into its own hands
Epicenter, a hi-tech office in Sweden, is experimenting with a new approach to security, reported BBC. The company has offered willing participants the chance to have a tiny RFID-chip embedded into the palms of their hands.

The process is similar to getting a tattoo and the chip allows the owner to open doors, use the photocopier and gain access to any other enabled office system. The idea is to eliminate the need for numbers or ID cards by way of a chip no bigger than a grain of rice.

"We already interact with technology all the time," Hannes Sjoblad, chief disruption officer at Epicenter, told BBC. "Today it's a bit messy – we need pin codes and passwords. Wouldn't it be easy to just touch with your hand? That's really intuitive."

Biometric technology is a growing security option for many offices.Biometric technology is a growing security option for many offices.

Biometric security options grow
For those who may be nervous about embedding a chip in their hand, there is another, equally-specialized option already available in biometric technology. Many smart phones already feature this method – anytime you use a thumb print to unlock an iPhone, you're using biometric access control. In the office, similar readers can unlock crucial entry points.

It isn't just fingerprints that can provide access, according to CSO Online. Now, there are iris scanners, heartbeat signature readers, voice IDs, and more. Small offices can guarantee no one without adequate credentials gains access to protected company areas by installing these types of scanners wherever necessary.

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