Security cameras and other surveillance equipment can benefit retailers trying to put an end to store thefts. While the mere presence of cameras can help deter would-be shoplifters, the footage they capture can play an important role in recovering stolen items.

For that film to help retailers, however, they need to be able to store and access the images when needed. As stores increase their surveillance systems it can become difficult to efficiently store the necessary footage. As security technology expands, retailers are investing in better storage systems that can make their footage reviews easier and more helpful.

The role of intelligent video storage in retail
Stores are raising the number of cameras they have, and are upgrading to higher quality machines like HD recorders. According to Security Info Watch, these technical advances are instrumental in improving the effectiveness of surveillance programs. Images are clearer and cameras are more responsive and easier for retailers to use. The source states that the evolution of the security industry is becoming more entwined with the general IT industry, and that treating surveillance as an extension of other retail tech programs could make it easier to manage.

Video data captured by surveillance cameras can be analyzed for improved business decisions. Programs are constantly emerging that can scan video data for retailers to help determine, for example, peak store traffic, displays that get the most attention, or the ways customers are most likely to move through a store. This information can help managers place products for better visibility and increasing sales, all done through an automated program on the existing IT network.

To access these services, retailers need to have more intelligent video storage systems that can allow analytical software to access the data. Stores need to invest in more cloud storage space and accessible hard drives. They need to be able to hold all of the video data they have without disrupting other necessary computer processes, which can happen on a bogged down system. Simply adding compressed video files to a computer won't allow retailers to reap the benefits that intelligent surveillance technology has to offer. 

Intelligent surveillance programs play a vital role in preventing shoplifting. Intelligent surveillance programs play a vital role in preventing shoplifting.

The role of surveillance in preventing retail shrink
Intelligent surveillance programs will play a vital role in preventing store losses. According to Retail Next, shoplifting cost stores in North America more than $15 billion from 2013 to 2014, with billions more lost to employee thefts as well. Improved security programs like high-tech camera equipment can help catch thieves. As shoplifters become aware of the high-tech capabilities of a store, they'll be less likely to risk getting caught red-handed.

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