In the past few years, there have been an increasing number of reports concerning the potential for security cameras to be hacked or misused if they aren't properly programmed. New information makes ensuring the safety of cameras even more pressing, even as new technology may soon come that expands the equipment's functionality.

Security camera passwords fallible
Legit Reviews reported that the latest issue with camera safety comes from Cincinnati, where a family's wireless IP camera was hacked by an outside user and controlled remotely. The camera model is often adopted in business locations as well, which makes the potential vulnerabilities of the equipment even more pertinent.

Many users don't fully set up the wireless security options on their devices' firmware, which often allows guests from outside the network to access the equipment simply by entering a default password. It's important to also update camera firmware, which can provide additional software security constraints more likely to stop a hacker.

No matter what, when placing security equipment into place, it's important to consider the prospects and features of the specific product a business buys. Otherwise, a security-improving investment may actually detract from that very need.

New radar technology being implemented
The United Press International added that there are new levels of technology with the potential to benefit businesses that will soon become available for users. The Secure-X line of cameras and software from British company Cambridge Pixel is expected to offer radar acquisition as well as camera tracking for security networks implemented in different locations. The equipment can also process, scan, convert, record and display the information live, as well as use threat displays that specifically keep an eye on certain people.

The equipment also comes with software that allows for integration of these different security features depending on how users want to harness them. This means that users can put into place as many or as few as they feel comfortable dealing with, giving them more freedom in their choices. Over time, many businesses will see improvements in their security, as they will not have to waste time focusing on aspects of the equipment they don't understand or prefer to use.

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