Security cameras have long stood as more of a loss prevention tool than one that directly helps small businesses increase their sales. However, a recent innovation in camera design suggests this has the potential to soon change, thanks to a new technology application with potential benefits.

Tracking shopping habits
According to GigaOM, one company called Prism Skylabs is rapidly transforming what security cameras can do for their owners. Instead of serving to scare people away from theft or similar actions while they're shopping, Prism turns them into tracking data collectors connected to computers. Stores can now adopt cameras that track paths consumers make when they walk through a store and see how their shopping and purchasing practices change depending on the layout of the store.

What's more, this can be done with few fears of any Big Brother-esque actions. The analytics software attached to the camera can completely remove shoppers from an image, leaving behind an outline of where in the store they traveled. The software can even track the adoption rate of specific products. If a display is gathering attention, for instance, a business could slide it closer to the front and see if sales pick up further.

New, faster technology changes things further
The news source added that sensors are continually being added to the market. Between camera phones and Google Tango, an upcoming product that can give live information about an entire store floor, companies can get even more information about how their products are appealing to customers and how they may be able to help their efforts further.

The Consumer Electronics Association noted that security information is being used even more in the modern market. One product that operates with similar tracking technology to what Prism offers can calculate which aisles in a company are most popular at a given time, even recommending how many cash registers should be open at a time of day to provide better operating efficiency.

With this information, small businesses will likely be able to see heavy improvements in how they operate in an average day. The future of shopping and of sales may soon change for good.

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